Jacobites call off stir after 50 days

Criticise State govt. for not bringing out to law to end stand-off

Calling off its 50-day demonstration in front of the Secretariat on Friday, the Jacobite Syrian Christian Church strongly opposed the Left Democratic Front (LDF) government’s stance not to bring legislation to ‘guarantee justice’ for the denomination and resolve its stand-off with the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church.

The faction also hinted at the possibility of adopting a political stance ahead of the Assembly polls. A political affairs committee will be constituted to decide the faction’s political position.

Addressing mediapersons on Friday, Metropolitan trustee of the Church Joseph Mar Gregorios said the government backtracked from bringing out legislation despite preparing drafts.

“While the Church acknowledges certain steps taken by the government to protect its rights, we have been deeply pained by their indifferent attitude towards our struggle,” Mar Gregorios said.

The Episcopal Synod of the Church will convene on Tuesday, while other fora including the managing and working committees will meet subsequently. “We have never dictated the political stance of our faithful numbering 15 lakh. We are now required to pursue such steps to protect our churches,” the Metropolitan trustee said.

Metropolitan Geevarghese Mor Coorilos of the Niranam diocese said the denomination was left in the lurch by the LDF that had a long history of struggles for rights and equality. Metropolitan Yuhanon Mor Milithios of the Thumpamon diocese said political leaders would no longer be received at the faction’s headquarters or bishops’ houses. Moreover, the Jacobite Church would no longer remain a vote bank of any particular group.

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