Interfaith couple found dead in Karnataka, police suspect honour killing

The couple was allegedly murdered by her father and other family members who were against their relationship.

In a suspected case of honour killing, an interfaith couple was found dead with their heads smashed in a field in Devara Hipparagi taluk in Vijayapura district in North Karnataka.

The police have arrested four persons, including the girl’s father and brother, in connection with the deaths. A fifth accused is still absconding. The girl’s family, which was against the relationship, caught them in a field and killed them, the police said. The incident took place on Tuesday.

Anupam Agarwal, Vijayapura district SP, told, “Prima facie looks like it is a case of honour killing. The boy, Basavaraj Madivalapaa Badiger(19), belonged to Dalit community. He was an autorickshaw driver at Saladahalli village. The girl, Davalbi Bandagisab Tambad (18), was from the neighbouring Khanapur and belonged to Muslim community. They were allegedly murdered by her father and other family members who were opposing their relationship.”

“We have taken statements from the boy’s family members and villagers. As per their information, the girl’s family members found the couple together in a field and informed her father. He and the girl’s brothers and other family members rushed to the field and stabbed them after tying them with a rope, and also smashed their heads with a rock,” Agarwal added.

The police said that the couple knew each other for more than six months and the girl’s family was against their relationship. “The girl’s family members earlier had approached Basavaraj and told him to leave Davalbi. The girl’s family had also been informed by the boy’s family about the relationship and allegedly threatened them,” according to the First Information Report(FIR) filed by the police.

Basavaraj’s mother Mallamma alleged that they were killed in front of her. Speaking to reporters, Mallamma said, “We got to know that the girl’s family had tied my son to a tree in a field and immediately, along with my other son, rushed to the spot. I requested them not to beat them. I said we will advise them but they didn’t listen to me and threatened me too.”

“After that, they took both of them near a ditch in the field and stabbed them and smashed their heads by a rock in front of me and my other son,” she added.

The police have formed three separate teams to nab the girl’s family members, who were absconding after the incident. They have arrested the girl’s father Bandagisab Tambad (50), her brother Daval Patel(20), and two brothers-in-law Allasab Patel(29) and Rafique Sab(24), SP Agarwal said.  One Lale Sab is still absconding, he added.

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