India's e-health industry will have a GMV of upto $15 billion by 2025: Redseer Consulting

Households continue to stay bullish on e-health usage

India’s e-health will have a GMV (gross merchandise value) of $11 to 15 billion by calendar 2025, up from $1.4 billion in 2020, the year that brought in significant needle movement for the sector, as per Redseer Consulting.

“Seeing the sentiments in the market, the e-health sector is expected to grow around 10x and by CY25 its GMV will grow in the $11 billion to $15 billion range,” said a forecast shared by Redseer Consulting on Monday.

When the country’s healthcare industry was facing tough times, during multiple waves of the pandemic, e-health came to the rescue for many, it observed.

“With the pandemic, there has been a drastic increase in e-health users in various ways like teleconsultations, e-consultations, ordering tests and medicines online and many more. Going forward, Indian households remain bullish on using e-health and will likely increase their spends,” forecasts Redseer.

According to Redseer Consulting, omnichannel, which is expected to reach a $1.5 billion business in CY25, will emerge as the next big opportunity in healthcare.

“The omnichannel play could add the touch and feel and faster delivery aspects, currently unavailable in eHealth. As a result, omnichannel in eHealth could play a significant role in resolving the unmet needs of Indian households,” the firm further added.

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