Huobi Referral Code: ig5y4 (Get Free Sign Up Bonus)

One can begin using Huobi right now, and make sure to use the referral program.

The Huobi referral code is: ig5y4. This code can be utilized by users to get the best free sign up bonus currently available on Huobi.

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About Huobi

Huobi refers to itself as both a crypto exchange and trading platform, as well as a digital asset platform. As such, the platform has a lot of features that a lot of crypto users may find enticing.

For the average users, Huobi functions as a standard exchange, allowing people to exchange fiat currency for crypto.

Huobi has three distinct versions. One is for Japan, one is for Korea, and the third is for the rest of the world. Huobi also offers numerous complementary services, including a chat client and a mining pool.

The platform has both manual and automated spot trading. While the automated trading is in its beta phase at the time of writing, users sure of their strategy may be able to make money without having to put much effort into it.

When it comes to derivatives, Huobi offers both coin-margined swaps and futures. It only offers USDT-margined swaps at the current time.

Lastly, the platform has a lot of features that cater to those interested in the digital asset economy. It is possible to take out crypto loans, stake currency, join the mining pool, and earn interest on crypto.

New users on Huobi get to take advantage of a lot of promotions when they first join Huobi. This ranges from getting an extremely high interest rate on their loans to an amazing sign up bonus. Let’s take a look at how users can get the bonus through the referral code.

How to Sign Up and Claim Bonus on Huobi

Claiming the best sign up bonus on Huobi is very easy. You just need to make use of the code when asked for it. Here is a step by step guide:

Huobi has an extremely lenient rewards program that allows users to get bonuses for a really long time after they invite their friends. Let’s take a look at its specifics.

Huobi Referral Program

Huobi’s referral program is actually one of the simplest ones out of all the crypto platforms. Rather than offer various rewards that scale by tier or VIP level like other platforms, the company bases its rewards on trading.

When a user refers one of their friends to the platform, the user gets 30% of the referral’s trading fees as rebate, for up to 24-months. The referee gets a sizable sign up bonus as well.

The rebate can be received either in USDT, HT, or points on the website. The way that the referee receives their reward depends on the type of trade made by the referral.

Rebates are settled on a daily basis. As such, users that invite a lot of friends and family onto the platform can stand to receive a lot of cash every single day, just from the Huobi referral program.

The best thing about the Huobi platform is that rewards do not decrease for the length of the cashback time. Most platforms tend to halve the rebates after a specific time. Huobi, however, gives its referees the full 30% commission for two years.

For those looking to get more information about the Huobi referral program, they can go to the Huobi invitation page.

Huobi Fees

While the Huobi referral program is extremely simple, its fee structure is actually quite complex.

For one, the platform has revised its fee structure quite a bit since its inception. Secondly, Huobi charges different fees depending on the location of the user.

For example, Huobi has lower fees for users in India to encourage crypto adoption in the country and get users to utilize Huobi.

Overall, the fees are in line with most of the other platforms. You can reduce fees by using maker orders instead of taker orders, although they will take a little longer to fill. The fees also vary depending on the order type.

The platform also has numerous other ways through which fees can be reduced. For one, users can pay with HT, which is the proprietary token on the platform. Using HT to pay fees reduces them substantially.

It is also possible to stake HT and further reduce the fees on the platform. Furthermore, it is possible to reduce the fees by increasing the thirty-day trading volume. Of course, users should only do this if they actually have a need to trade.

Overall, the fees of the platform are in line with competitors. The decision to use Huobi should be based on features rather than its fees.

Take Advantage of the Huobi Sign Up Bonus Right Now

Huobi is a platform that is rich in features, although it doesn’t offer a lot of benefits over its competitors. However, it does offer a really nice sign up bonus, and a rewards program that is amazing.

So, users can take advantage of the sign up bonus right now. The referral code is ig5y4. One can begin using Huobi right now, and make sure to use the referral program.

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