How long will Third Wave of Covid stays?

As per the reports stated by the medical professionals, Covid third wave Omicron will be at peaks by January month end worldwide, and at the same time, it has also been announced that it will be diminished by mid-March in this year.

The data recorded so far determines that the number of Omicron cases will surely dominate the number of cases recorded during the second wave, as the variant is spreading rapidly across all parts of the world. There has been predictions that the dreadful situations will get relaxed by the middle of March, the time at which Omicron will slowly lose its promptitude.

Omicron is dominant in Delhi, where, more than 22,000 cases have been recording just within every 24 hours. The health experts are issuing guidelines to the people to be very cautious, especially in the states Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai, at which the active Omicron cases are already in the highest numbers. And the experts have assured that the people in these cities can take their breath easily by this month end, because there is dead cert that the third wave pandemic will completely get reduced by that time.

The health ministry conveyed the data recorded that there are  totally 1,79,723 fresh Covid cases registered in India, and a total of 4,033 Omicron variant cases so far. With this added cases, the total cases in India reached to 35,528,004. The total number of deaths were recorded as 4,83,936. But there is a decline in deaths in the third wave, when compared to the second.

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