How is Nandamuri Taraka Ratna current health condition? To be shifted Abroad?

How is Nandamuri Taraka Ratna‘s current health condition? Will he be taken abroad for treatment? Or  will he be treated under the supervision of foreign doctors?. Doctors are currently giving no treatment to Taraka Ratna, who collapsed during the Yuvagalam yatra, as there was no blood flow to his heart for 45 minutes.  Nandamuri Taraka Ratna is still undergoing medical treatment at Bangalore Narayana Hrudayalaya. Nandamuri’s family is hoping that his health is improving. The doctors who have already conducted many medical tests related to Nandamuri Tarakaratna are providing brain related medical treatments for his brain dead recovery.

It is being said that Taraka Ratna’ heart, liver and other organs are fine and he is responding to treatment. Nandamuri Balakrishna, who is constantly talking to doctors about Nandamuri Taraka Ratna’s health, came back to Bangalore on Friday evening and met the doctors.

Balakrishna has been closely monitoring Taraka Ratna’ health since the beginning.  The doctors conducted brain and heart tests again. Based on the result of the brain test, family members are planning to shift Taraka Ratna to abroad for better treatment. Balakrishna is personally monitoring the health condition and TDP Hindupur MLA Lakshmi Narayana is updated about this.

All arrangements have been made to give treatment under the supervision of foreign doctors.

On the other hand, TDEPA leaders from Hindupur performed pujas for Nandamuri Taraka Ratna’s speedy recovery. A special pooja was performed at the Vinayakaswamy temple in hospital premises where Tarakaratna was undergoing treatment. 

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