Hospitals asked to dispose of bio-medical waste properly

The district administration has asked hospitals to dispose of bio-medical waste properly or face action.

Collector C. Kathiravan, in a release, said Bio-Medical Waste Management, 2016, outlined clearly collection of bio-medical wastes properly, segregation and proper disposal to ensure safe disposal and reducing the impact on the environment. Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board was vested with the responsibility to monitor the process, the release said. He said medical waste should be handed over to the processing company for disposal and waste that could spread diseases should not be stored for more than 48 hours. TNPCB had clearly outlined the steps in handling the waste to hospitals, local bodies and health department and dumping waste in open spaces was a violation.

In the COVID-19 pandemic situation, disposal of waste in the open would cause serious environment hazardousness and hence all the hospitals should adhere to the norms and action would be taken against violators.

The Krishnagiri district administration has warned hospitals against disposal of medical waste in the open. Following complaints of open disposal of medical waste, the Pollution Control Board has warned of action against erring hospitals.

Despite repeated rejoinders to the hospitals, there were complaints of unscientific and hazardous ways of medical waste disposal, according to the administration. Hence, hospitals, clinics, and COVID-19 isolation centres are directed to channel wastes to the medical waste disposal yards certified by the Pollution Control Board, after proper

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