Govt. issues fresh guidelines to take forward Dalit Bandhu

Sector-wise resource teams to help beneficiaries in execution of units

The State government has issued additional guidelines for taking forward the implementation of the Dalit Bandhu scheme as a pilot project on saturation mode in Huzurabad constituency covering all Scheduled Caste households to understand the modalities and pitfalls before scaling it up across the State.

Before launching it in Huzurabad, the scheme was sanctioned and launched in Vasalamarri village of Yadadri-Bhongir district. Later, it was announced for four other mandals in the State.

Identifying bank

As per the guidelines framed and issued for taking forward the scheme, the District Collector concerned shall identify the best suited bank for each mandal and get the special Dalit Bandhu account opened in the name of the head of each beneficiary family after the list of beneficiaries is verified, de-duplicated and finalised. The Collector shall ensure that the passbooks of the special account are handed over to each of the beneficiary families highlighting the special nature of the account and the scheme.

The Collector shall then proceed to get the funds to an extent of ₹9,90,000 per eligible family credited directly into the beneficiary account. The village-wise final list shall be sorted scheme wise as per the initial preference given by the beneficiaries broadly grouping them into agriculture and allied activities, transport sector, manufacturing and industry, retail and shops, services and supplies.

Resource persons

Further, the Collector shall identify resource persons for each of the sector identified from the personnel available in the concerned line departments in the districts and form the sector resource teams. Such teams shall also consist of senior district officers, other related district officials and other personnel deemed suitable by the Collector and the number of teams to be formed in each sector shall depend on the tentative number of beneficiaries opting for that particular sector.

Under the guidance of the Collector, the sector resource teams shall prepare some model project reports in their sector keeping the total outlay of ₹10 lakh in view. One unit can consist of more than one sub-unit belonging to the same sector or even different sector – such as a unit consisting of some buffaloes for dairy and few birds for poultry or a unit consisting of few buffaloes and an auto trolley for transportation.

A unit can also consist of more than one beneficiary joining together to set up a unit with project cost of more that ₹10 lakh. Each of the sector resource teams shall prepare the basket of schemes that can be offered to the beneficiaries where they need assistance for project preparation or scheme selection. The Collect shall prepare a schedule of visit to the SC habitations/wards along with sector resource teams to firm up the scheme preferences of the beneficiaries.

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