Govt. hospitals ramp up vaccination of staff, students

Most healthcare providers and medical students have been vaccinated

Government hospitals in Chennai are ramping up the vaccination of their staff and medical students on campus.

With most healthcare providers and medical students having been vaccinated either partially or fully, hospitals have fast-tracked the inoculation of the remaining persons, including hospital workers, through special drives on campus.

T.S. Selvavinayagam, Director of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, said the COVID-19 vaccination coverage of the staff of government hospitals and medical students was good. Most of them had taken the first dose of the vaccine.

With the focus currently on ramping up the administration of the second dose, he said, “We are having a line list and are focusing on them individually. Healthcare workers should set an example for others, and they should take the lead in getting vaccinated. Healthcare workers and frontline staff should understand that they are more at risk when compared to the general public, in view of their profession. Taking two doses will ensure better protection against COVID-19, including its variants.”

E. Theranirajan, dean of the Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital, said that overall, the acceptance of vaccines had improved, and 100% coverage with a single dose had been achieved on campus. “All medical students have received the first dose,” he said. The hospital is conducting a special drive to vaccinate the outsourced workers involved in housekeeping and security on campus, as less than half of them have been vaccinated so far.

At the Government Omandurar Medical College Hospital, 100% coverage was achieved in the vaccination of doctors, medical students and multi-purpose workers, according to dean R. Jayanthi.

Around 81% of nurses and 87% of hospital workers have been vaccinated so far.

“We are conducting a special drive to cover the remaining nurses and workers. We hope to complete it within a week,” she said. Dr. Jayanthi added that vaccination prevented morbidity and mortality. Hence, it was imperative that all were fully vaccinated.

The Government Stanley Medical College achieved 100% coverage of its eligible staff and medical students, dean P. Balaji said.

“Except for four doctors who cannot take the vaccine due to certain health conditions, all our staff have been vaccinated with two doses. Those who had contracted the infection also got inoculated after three months,” he said.

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