Got ₹1,103 crore for assets at three airports from Adani firm: Airports Authority of India

No discrepancy in payment to the authority for assets transferred to concessionaire, it says

Allegations that the Airports Authority of India received from Adani Enterprises Limited ₹500 crore for assets at three airports initially valued at ₹1,300 crore are “erroneous”, the AAI said on Thursday in response to an open letter written by its employees’ union to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The AAI said it received a total payment of ₹1,103 crore for assets, which included the cost of the regulatory asset base as well as the cost of capital work in progress at the time of the transfer of airports to Adani Enterprises Limited (AEL).

“The concessionaire has made the payment as per provision of the concession agreement and there is no discrepancy in terms of the payment to the authority for the assets transferred to the concessionaire,” the AAI said in its response.

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