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What happens when WhatsApp Uncle faces dissent from within the clan?

My family…. let me tell u frankly… my deepest emotions are deeply hurt ))):… I hv learnt (in ur Daadi’s phone i saw… she thought she could change passcode and do rahasya???? Hahahah… even i know my beta Angad’s happy salgira tithi) that u all ppl have ladies whatsapp grp… thats okay… im also open-minded and all talks of ghar grihasthi and lady problems cant be done in front of pati parmeshwars and bade buzurgs…. BUT ANGAD…. SWASTIK…. u WILL NOT BELIEVE… they r doing talks against ME… the LEADER OF THIS FAMILY…. my heart is broken…. my own family ladies dont show sammaan to me…

Bachchon, if u dont lyk alll my wise talks…. just tell to me and i will take maun vrat… When u all send forward me me’s about “Monday blues” and some stupid firebreathing chhipkali and giant kuttas in some stupid made up place… I quietly accept it as stupidity of ur entire generation… BUT WHEN I TALK ABOUT NEW INDIA AND RAM RAJYA AND HINDU RASHTRA… and all history things lyk pushpak vimaan and u all dont believe… u all hv problems with NEW INDIA and ANCIENT INDIA….

Beta Neha, u r my poti, u r the seb of my naina… when u say “Oh god, Modi 2.0 I can take, but Dadu 2.0 is what im dreading”… i wont lie to u… the same naina filled with aasoon…

Bachchon, as great ad promoter and Modi ji fan Amitabh Bachchan said in beautiful cinema Baghban: Ma baap seedhi nahi, jar hotein hain. Please tend to roots… respect them… or ur tree of life will be meaningless and all ur happiness and dance party will turn to raakh like the Maya Jaal it is….

My family… plz listen to me before my maun vrat turns into ur Mourn Vrat… i hv been saying to u all that hon hindu hriday samraat adarniya shri Narendra Bhai Modi Ji will be Pradhan Chowkidaar till all NEW INDIA goals are acheived… Hon Chanakya prabhu gurudev Amit Bhai Shah ji will ensure…. But u all have thought u r too smart…. u all made fun but BHARAT WON!!!!

In Hindu Rashtra, only all glorious things will be allowed… phir bhi i see beta Swastik posting photo saying “hey i am khan market gang”.

u idiot! do u think modi ji and all who honour his netritva are fools?!!! Khan market is about all that is wrong with dynasty India… yes bachchon.. i went to khan market yesterday… i came to delhi to say anger to u all for secret group… but when i went there i just felt karuna 4 ur small minds….

Even all waiters and all did not give me respect there… even i paid 800 rupee for chai and bread omletee..all foreigners were there and all rich ppl… young vanshvaadi’s with their parents black money were treated lyk hero!!! WHY? kyonki meri angrezi theek nahi hai? Because i still wear sober safari suit and dont walk around in half pant?!!!

Bachchon, this is Bharat… I am Bharat and all others lyk me…. u all should understand that only listening will make u all wise… not just making fun of us all. But dont listen if u dont want….. I dont need u, my family…. all sawa crore bharatwasi with Modi ji r my family… Now its too late 4 u to listen…

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