Flyover debris being used to fill overbridge approach ramps

Concrete deck, girders, and pier caps dismantled mainly at night

The debris of concrete that is being dismantled from the Palarivattom flyover is being transported to overbridge construction sites in the city suburbs, to fill the space within the retention walls of their approaches.

Altogether six girders, which together constitute a span, have been cut using diamond cutters and dismantled, as part of reconstructing the structure. Adjacent girders will be dismantled next, to create space for workmen to begin pulling down the pier caps, official sources said.

The concrete deck, girders, and pier caps, which are dismantled mainly at night, will be crushed beneath the flyover and taken to overbridge construction sites, to be used for filling up space on the approaches. The demolition work has been going on as scheduled, ever since it began on October 1. Extra effort is made to carry out work during the day, if rain hampers work at night. The focus on night-time dismantling has helped cause least disturbance to traffic at the congested junction, the sources added.

The traffic police too are happy with the rather smooth flow of vehicles at the junction on the NH Bypass, despite the area beneath the flyover’s central span being barricaded.

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