Finally, YS Jagan Comes Up With A Tweet

Despite the fact that he has won the mandate with a thumping majority, YSRC President YS Jagan has failed to tweet anything about it. After taking a dig at Chandrababu Naidu on May 17th, his twitter went silent. Neither on May 23 or the day before the oath taking, he didn’t tweet anything.  Even when dignitaries like PM Narendra Modi and others tweeted to him, Jagan didn’t respond.

Finally, putting an end to his social media hiatus, Jagan took to his official Twitter account a while ago to talk about his success. “I thank God and each one of you for this unprecedented victory. This mandate has put upon me a huge responsibility. I will live upto your expectations. I will bring upon good governance that will make the nation stand and look up to Andhra Pradesh! (sic)” tweeted Jagan, bringing lots of happiness over the faces of his admirers.

It is known that other day YS Jagan took oath as the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and in the first stroke he has signed on the Pension Scheme where he promised Rs 2250 pension for senior citizens. Also, the young chief minister gave strict warning to a few media houses if anything is written against the government.

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