Elections much more confrontational now: Karan Singh

Commenting on the recently concluded Lok Sabha election, politician, philanthropist and poet Karan Singh said that he felt that the elections were much more confrontational than they used to be and the language that was earlier known as “unparliamentary” was now openly used by politicians.

Mr. Singh was speaking during a panel discussion after the launch of his book An Examined Life, Essays and Reflections on Monday.

A keynote address by Congress leader Shashi Tharoor was also read out ahead of the launch in which he described Mr. Singh as “the best President India never had”.

“His life is a great debt on us, and will long remain a great example for the future generations of our nation,” said former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, in his speech, after releasing the book.

Mr. Singh’s book is a collection of writings about the 49 years he had spent in the public eye that include momentous events drawn from the history of Jammu and Kashmir as well as essays and letters on subjects, ranging from politics to political science, metaphysics and spirituality to religion. The anthology also contains select poems and excerpts from his travelogues and novel set in Kashmir, individual rights and intolerance.

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