Dry run for vaccine administration in all districts today

At 46 sites as part of nationwide second round mock drill

The State government will conduct a dry run for COVID-19 vaccine administration in 46 centres in 14 districts on Friday, as part of a nationwide second round mock drill to test the system and processes.

In every district, the dry run will be held from 9 a.m. till 11 a.m. at a medical college hospital, district hospital, one private hospital or one urban/rural government health facility. In every session site, 25 health-care workers will participate in the dry run, which will test every process involved in vaccine administration, right down to the reporting of adverse events, except the real vaccine.

Kerala had carried out a similar exercise successfully in six sites in four districts on January 6, when the first nationwide dry run was held.

Fully prepared

Kerala is fully prepared for vaccine administration whenever vaccines arrive. Till now, 3,51,457 health-care workers and staff in dental clinics and laboratories have registered their names in the CoWIN (COVID-19 Vaccine Intelligence Network) application, an electronic platform readied by the Centre for the smooth and seamless facilitation of the entire vaccination process.

An official release said that the registration process of health-care workers had been completed in the public sector, where 1,67,084 persons had entered their details, while another 1,84,373 had registered in the private sector. The registration of 400 staff involved in Kerala Social Security Mission’s Vayomitram geriatric care scheme and 1,344 employees of the 108 emergency ambulance network was progressing.

Phase I

In the first phase, medical students, ASHAs and anganwadi workers will also be included for vaccination.

Apart from the State’s extensive vaccine storage and cold chain facilities, the Centre has provided 20 large ice-line refrigerators, 1,800 vaccine carriers , 100 big and small cold boxes, 12,000 ice packs and 14 lakh auto disable disposable syringes, which are being distributed to districts.

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