CPI(M) to keep seven standing committee chairperson posts

CPI to get the one remaining chairperson post in Kozhikode Corporation

As expected, the Communist party of India (Marxist) [CPI(M)] will stick to its decision to keep seven of the eight chairperson posts of the standing committees of the Kozhikode Corporation.

A meeting of the city committee of the Left Democratic Front (LDF) decided that the remaining one chairperson post would be shared with its main partner, the Communist Party of India. Members of standing committees will be elected on January 11 and the election to the post of chairpersons will be held on January 14.

Out of the eight standing committees, the finance committee will have 10 members whereas other committees will have nine members each. The chairperson of the Standing Committee on Finance will be the Deputy Mayor.

The CPI(M), which has a brute majority in the 75-member council with 45 seats on its own, had decided not to concede any chairperson post to none of the constituents. This despite minor partners in the coalition seeking a slice of the electoral pie in the council.

Collectively, the LDF has 51 seats, including a seat each won by the Communist Party of India (CPI), the Nationalist Congress party (NCP), the LJD, the Congress (S), the Indian National League (INL), and an Independent.

The CPI(M) leadership decided to offer a post of chairperson to the CPI considering it to be a major affiliate though the party won only a seat in the council. However, this has angered other partners.

CPI leader P.K. Nazar, who captured the Palayam division from the Congress party, will get the post of a chairperson.

Previous council

In the previous council, the CPI(M) was magnanimous enough to offer the chairperson posts of standing committees on Welfare and Tax and Appeal to Anitha Rajan and Asha Sasankan of the NCP and the CPI. Both of them were defeated this time.

Incidentally, the performance of the minor constituents of the Left coalition in the local body polls were also poor. The Loktantrik Janata Dal (LJD) and the Janata Dal (Secular) had contested five and two seats respectively. This time, the JD(S) failed to make it to the council.

The nascent LJD, which was then Janata Dal (United), contested on the Congress-led United Democratic Front (UDF) platform, had three councillors.

CPI nominees had also contested four seats, and the party did did not contest a fifth seat it got during seat-sharing.

Instead, the LDF supported UDF rebel T.K. Chandran from Vellimadukunnu division, who emerged victorious.

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