COVID-19: focus on industries in Coimbatore district

Coimbatore district, known for its industrial activity in different sectors, is focusing on efforts to ensure that the spread of COVID-19 among industrial workers remains controlled.

According to an official source, migrant workers are returning to the district from their home States and movement of workers is free now. There have been a couple of cases where the workers were not quarantined on their return and there was a spread of the disease. Further, both, at the Central and State-levels, the governments are giving importance to Coimbatore because of the presence of a large number of industries. There are officials who are regularly monitoring the situation here.

Coimbatore Collector held a meeting with officials concerned and industry association heads recently to improve awareness.

"Earlier, we used to visit industries to ensure the standard operating procedures are followed. There were a few violations. Now, we go as a team with the local revenue officials and if there are lapses, we will take action," said an official in the Department of Industrial Safety and Health.

The Collector has asked all the stakeholders to improve awareness among workers. Further, the industries need to quarantine workers who are returning from their home town. If the workers are tested immediately on their return, the results may be negative. Those who are affected may experience symptoms only after a few days. Hence, the workers should be quarantined for at least a week and those who show symptoms should be tested, the official said.

Officials from the District Industries Centre engage with at least 10 MSMEs every week. “The spread is almost negligible among MSMEs. The units are also taking the required precautions. Even the micro units, where the space available is less, have sanitisers, soaps, etc. for the workers," said General Manager of DIC A. Karthigaivasan.

Almost 40 % of the migrant workers have returned to the industries here. They return by flight or buses. The Coimbatore District Small Industries Association has appealed to the government to operate special trains so that more workers can come back. Though the industries are taking the required precautionary measures, every one has to be careful and ensure there is no spread among workers, said the asociation president R. Ramamurthy.

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