Covid-19 | 1.75 crore vaccine doses available with States, says Health Ministry

States urged to increase near-to-home vaccination centres.

More than 1.75 crore COVID vaccine doses are still available with the States and Union Territories, the Health Ministry claimed in a release on Monday, adding that more than 2.73 lakh (2,73,970) vaccine doses are in the pipeline and will be received by the States and Union Territories within the next three days.

“The Central government has so far provided, both through the free of cost category and through direct State procurement category, more than 23 crore vaccine doses (23,11,68,480) to States and Union Territories. Of this, the total consumption, including wastages is 21,22,38,652 doses (as per data available at 8 a.m. today),” it said.

Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan also chaired a review meeting through video conferencing with administrators from States and Union Territories on the progress of vaccination, on Monday.

At the meeting Mr. Bhushan noted that there is a substantial scope to accelerate the pace of vaccination further amid reports from several States of vaccine shortage.

“The total availability of vaccines is going to increase, enabling States and Union Territories to ramp up the vaccination numbers. Central government will provide vaccine stocks so that the vaccination drive carries on with a steady pace,” said the release.

States and Union Territories have also been asked to increase the number of near-to-home vaccination centres and proactively increase engagement with private hospitals by setting up coordination teams.

States and Union Territories were also asked to drastically reduce wastage of vaccine. “ It was suggested to States and Union Territories to retrain and reorient vaccinators to ensure judicious usage of the vaccines,” said the Ministry.

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