Coronavirus update: Your guide to surviving the Covid-19 lockdown

As cities and states go under lockdown due to coronavirus, people are forced to stay indoors. With the lockdown measures intensifying, there is a growing sense of confusion over what can and what can’t be done during this shutdown.

Can I fly to my family in another city? Should I ask my house help to stay home or not? There is no dearth of questions mushrooming in an individual’s mind around the lockdown scenario. Here is a quick guide to surviving the Covid-19 lockdown and staying safe.

Flights and domestic travel

One can only take domestic flight until 11.59 pm today. All domestic flights will stand suspended from Wednesday midnight till March 31. Remember, all interstate bus services and train services are also suspended till March 31.

Movement within your city

Private taxis, autos, metro trains, rickshaws and other means of public transport have been suspended. A limited number of public buses are operational. The government has asked people to stay indoors and work from home. Only those who are ‘essential service providers’ have been allowed to travel and go to work. Such people include those working for hospitals, medical professionals, media personnel, people employed with power, fire, electricity, water supply departments and others.

Delhi Police has announced that people entering Delhi from any of its borders will require special “curfew passes” from today. The passes are only for inter-border movement, and will not be required for those living and commuting within Delhi.

While you move

For essential service providers, the movement shall be permitted on the basis of identity card and authorization issued by the concerned organisation.

Essentials and necessities

People with medical emergency are allowed to step out. Those in need of grocery, medicines, essential goods are also allowed to go to the nearest pharmacy, grocery store to get supplies and go to the nearest bank branch or ATM to withdraw money.

There has been no direction issued on the movement of domestic help, however, many societies have asked their house helps to stay home in the absence of the availability of public transport.

Simple rule: Stall what you can

During the lockdown, the emphasis is on what is urgent and on any emergency. Whatever that can be postponed or avoided must therefore be stalled.

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