College student arrested on murder charge

Aged woman found dead inside house

The Thiruvallam police on Tuesday arrested a college student in connection with the murder of a 78-year-old woman a few days ago.

Alex, 20, a second-year undergraduate student at a college in Kattakada, was arrested for allegedly murdering his neighbour Jaan Beevi of Vandithadam.

Helper’s grandson

The accused is the grandson of a woman who used to work as a helper in the deceased woman’s house. She was found dead on January 8 by the helper. The incident had taken place when Jaan Beevi’s son, an Under Secretary in Secretariat, was not at home.

According to the police, Alex committed the murder during a burglary bid. He gained entry to the house by unlocking the door from outside using a stick. While Jaan Beevi tried to thwart him, the accused tied her hands behind her back and stole two gold bangles and a necklace. He allegedly banged her head on a wall repeatedly before fleeing.

Deep injuries

While no wounds were found, the post-mortem examination revealed deep injuries in the head. This prompted the police to explore the possibility of murder. The presence of ear-rings on the woman’s body and the fact that other valuables in the house remained intact led the police to suspect that the crime had not been committed by a habitual offender.

Alex was questioned on Monday, but was let off. However, contradicting statements by him prompted the police to take him in custody. On Tuesday, he reportedly confessed to the crime. He also took the police to a tutorial college nearby where he hid the stolen valuables.

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