Chinese Army conducts drills near Taiwan Strait

Exercise after U.S. lawmakers’ visit

The Chinese Army has carried out a “naval and air force combat readiness patrol” near the Taiwan Strait following a contentious visit to the island by a group of American lawmakers, a spokesperson said.

Tensions between Beijing and Washington have soared over the fate of democratic self-ruled Taiwan, which China has vowed to one day retake, by force if necessary.

A group of American lawmakers arrived on the island Thursday offering support for the Taiwanese authorities, who Beijing accuses of seeking independence for the island.

In response, the Chinese Army on Friday carried out “a naval and air force combat readiness patrol in the direction of the Taiwan Strait”, a spokesperson for the Eastern Theater Command said in a statement.

Necessary measure

“This is a necessary measure in response to the current situation in the Taiwan Strait,” they added, pledging that the Army would “protect sovereignty and territorial integrity of the nation”.

China’s Foreign Ministry on Friday expressed Beijing’s “firm opposition” to the U.S. lawmakers’ visit, the second by members of Congress to the island this month.

Led by Mark Takano, Chairman of the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, the delegation met with Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen on Thursday in a show of support for a rare issue on which there is cross-party consensus in the U.S.

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