Centre should increase vaccine allocation for June: Ramadoss

PMK founder Dr. S. Ramadoss on Thursday urged the Union government to provide 1 crore vaccine doses to Tamil Nadu government for the month of June.

In a statement, he said that while Union government has dispatched 4.95 lakh vaccine doses to Tamil Nadu enabling the vaccination of those above 45 years to continue, jabs for the 18-45 age category has been stopped temporarily.

"While 21.67 crore doses have been administered across India, only 93.41 lakh doses have been administered in Tamil Nadu. This cannot be justified. The reason is that the vaccines are not being allocated to Tamil Nadu," he said.

The PMK leader said that Union government has notified that 42.25 vaccine doses will be made available to Tamil Nadu for June. "This allocation is very less compared to the production in the month of June in India," he said.

According to him, if Tamil Nadu’s economic contribution of 14.28% of the national GDP is taken into account, the allocation of vaccine for June is very less.

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