Celebs Defeated Pawan Kalyan, What Next?

The moment Pawan Kalyan blasted something in his campaign, various Tollywood celebrities who are either close to him or close to the mega family have actually come down heavily on him. Including the likes of Posani Krishnamurali, writers Chinni Krishna and Kona Venkat, and some other small time celebs have blasted the Janasena president with their choice of words.

Now that PK has lost big time in the election, failing to win himself at both the constituencies, these celebrities will have a moral upper hand over the powerful star of Telugu cinema. Except a few, most of them are feeling that they have defeated Pawan Kalyan with their virtues. Well, in that case, what are these celebs going to do now?

Writer Posani spoke very good of Pawan Kalyan saying that he is a man of good intention but lost due to joining hands with bad forces like Chandrababu Naidu. And we have to see how others will respond on this major flop show of Janasena in the election. Now that their job is done, will these celebs get some gifts and profits? Or will it be the usual business for them? Except for Posani, rest of the celebs are workless so far in Tollywood. Pch!

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