CCB questions actor’s brother for second time

The Central Crime Branch probing the Yuvraj Swamy fraud case, on Sunday, questioned Kannada actor and producer Radhika’s brother Raviraj on financial transactions between them to the tune of several lakhs. This is the second time that Raviraj has been summoned for questioning over the nature of his relationship with Yuvraj, who is accused of cheating people of crores of rupees by promising them seats in government boards and other key postings.

The questioning was held for around two hours. “Raviraj was questioned based on the statement given by his sister Radhika when she was summoned,” said a senior police official.

The CCB, while investigating Yuvraj’s financial dealings, found he had around 47 bank accounts and had transferred huge amounts of money to many people, including Radhika. She claimed she received ₹15 lakh as an advance for a film that Yuvraj was producing. According to sources, CCB suspects that some of the transactions were done to evade tax. “He had multiple accounts and was operating from other people’s accounts to evade I-T department,” police said.

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