CAS for doctors in teaching field

Uncertainty to end soon with the State government issuing orders

Ending almost nine-month uncertainty over the year from which Career Advancement Scheme (CAS) for doctors of teaching hospitals will be implemented, it is learnt that the State government is likely to issue orders for counting experience of the doctors from 2006.

Officials of the Health Department, who confirmed that a decision in this regard was taken by the government, said that while experience would be counted retrospectively from 2006, arrears would not be paid.

According to CAS, if there are no vacancies in associate professor and professor posts, salaries of faculty at teaching hospitals will increase after they work for certain number of years and their designation will change too.

However, they will continue to perform present duties, officials said.

A qualified doctor joins teaching hospitals as an assistant professor.

After working for four years in the post in broad speciality or two years in super-speciality, the assistant professor is eligible for associate professor designation and salary will increase too, according to CAS.

After working as an assistant professor for three years, faculty member will be paid salary of a professor. With three more years of experience, the assistant professor is eligible for designated professor designation.

Research publications

Besides the number of years, they have to meet criteria of research publications.

Members of Telangana Government Doctors Association (TGGDA) said the government had issued orders on September 5, 2018, for implementing the CAS for teaching faculty in government medical and dental colleges.

"However, there was no clarity on the date from which their experience will be counted. Shortly, another GO will be issued stating that their experience will be counted from the year of 2006. But arrears from 2006 will not be paid. If there is any vacancy, they will be promoted," said a senior official.

The University Grants Commission pay scales were extended to teaching faculty in government medical and dental colleges from 2006.

"Regardless of promotions, faculty is going to receive financial benefits according to number of years they work for. This will attract fresh talent to government medical colleges. The designated associate professors and designated professors can be presented as faculty when MCI teams inspects colleges,” said Dr B Narahari, TGGDA secretary general.

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