Businesses remain closed in U.T.

Vegetable and grocery stores stay open

All major business establishments remained closed and public utility vehicles kept off the roads on the first day of the lockdown on Tuesday announced by the government to prevent the outbreak of COVID-19.

Except for medical shops, vegetable markets, grocery stores and milk parlours, shutters were down for big and small business outlets.

Even the prominent Goubert fish market wore a deserted look.

Vegetable and grocery vendors kept buckets of turmeric mixed with water as disinfectant. Customers were asked to dip their hands before any transactions.

Though some small outlets selling household items were opened in the morning hours, police forced them to close down. Jawaharlal Nehru Street, the main business hub, remained completely shut.

Auto-rickshaws, share autos, taxis and public utility vehicles were off the roads.

However, there was a steady flow of people to the town on two-wheelers forcing police to intervene. People were asked to go back home and stay indoors to prevent them getting exposed to the virus.

In certain places, especially in suburban areas police found it difficult to convince people on the need to stay put at home.

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