Boyapati looking out for a powerful title for Balayya's flick

Nandamuri Balakrishna and Boyapati Srinu is a golden combination. The two have worked together for two movies, Simha and Legend and those two movies ended up as blockbusters. Now, the hat-trick combination is in the making. This time too, Boyapati Srinu has come up with a powerful action entertainer.

The title of the movie has not yet been confirmed. It is said that Boyapati Srinu is thriving hard for a powerful title. As Simha and Legend are powerful titles, Boyapati Srinu want to reach expectations. It is also said that Balakrishna has asked for Simha reference in the title.

So, it has become really difficult for Boyapati Srinu to come up with a powerful and catchy title that has Simha reference to it.

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