Bon App-etit

There are innumerable apps available today that will help students enhance their cognitive abilities. This is because educators and researchers over the years have found that brain training is important to keep students motivated, relieve stress and assist them in their studies. Here are two apps that will help with the brain training process.


Learning a new language is one of the best ways of improving brain function, and its cognitive abilities are undeniable. Using Beelinguapp, you can learn German, French, Hindi, Portuguese, Chinese, Turkish, Swedish, Arabic and Japanese. It allows you to listen to stories and read them in two different languages so that you can simultaneously understand the meaning and learn. It comprises an audio book reader so that you can listen to stories in whichever language. When the audio book plays, a scrolling text can be seen on the screen which will let us know what the narrator is saying. Users can also follow news using the app. (


This app focuses primarily on energising your brain. Be it a slow week or sluggish thinking, you can get rid of these by training merely 15 minutes a day. There are over 15 exercises with 250 levels that can provide an all-round brain workout. Users can follow their progress and analyse it based on their control group. NeuroNation lets the users compare results, train for a competition, and more with their friends who use the app. New exercises and levels are regularly updated. In case of any questions, a full customer support is always available. (

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