Blue alert as water crosses rule curve level

KSEB decides to increase power generation in Idukki to reduce water level

The district administration issued a blue alert in the wake of the water level in the Idukki reservoir crossing 2,390.85 ft on Tuesday. With an increased spell of rainfall in the catchment areas, the water level was near to the blue alert level for the past two days.

The Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) sounded the blue alert with the water level reaching 2,391.18 ft in the morning. It was 86.41% of the storage level.

The blue alert level for the day as per the new rule curve level fixed by the Central Water Commission (CWC) was 2,390.85 ft. An orange alert will be issued before October 20 if the water level reaches 2,396.85 ft and a red alert at 2397.85 ft. The full reservoir level is 2,403 ft.

The present water level is higher than the level recorded on the same day in the previous two years. The change in monsoon pattern is also evident as the catchment area recorded above normal rainfall in the first and second week of October.

A power position meeting of the KSEB on Tuesday decided to increase generation from 5 mu to 10 mu at the Moolamattom powerhouse to reduce the water level in the reservoir.

The Idukki reservoir is mainly reserved for power generation when the demand in the State escalates during summer season. The generation which remained below normal was raised to 5 mu from 3.2 mu on Monday.

The KSEB wants to avoid a situation of opening the dam shutters as in the case of the 2018 floods and keep the water level below the new rule curve level. With the increased power generation, water level will fall in the coming days. The Dam Monitoring and Research Station is monitoring the situation, an official said.

The power position meeting also decided to surrender power from the Central pool and instead use the power generated at Moolamattom. The present situation does not warrant opening of the dam shutters as the water level remained over 10 ft short of the FRL level. The shutters need to be raised only if there is extremely high rainfall in the coming days, the possibility of which is remote considering the weather predictions, the official said.

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