Bigg Boss 5 Telugu : Siri is the first caption of the house

King Nagarjuna hosted controversial reality show Bigg Boss 5 Telugu  is going on at brisk pace. Siri (Sirihanmanth) became the first captain of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu. There was lots of drama in this episode of the reality show.

 Siri has won the captaincy task Thokkara Thokku Hailessa according to which the captaincy contenders –  Siri, Vishwa, Hamida and Maanas had to cycle their respective cycles continuously in order to keep their bulbs glowing.

Bigg boss  had announced that the 4 housemates who entered the power house- Vishwa, Siri, Hamida and Maanas are the contenders for the captaincy this week, and the Bigg Boss asked them to select coordinator among themselves. House elected Shailaja Priya as coordinator by vote, and she announced that Siri won the task. Priya presented her with the captain badge as the entire house congratulated her.  Bigg Boss appreciated Siri and asked her to perform her duties as a captain. On the otherside, Siri selected Vishwa as ration manager.

 The  contestants of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu are going to witness the show’s first elimination during the weekend episode.  6 contestants including anchor Ravi, Hamida, RJ Kajal,  Jaswanth, Maanas and Sarayu have been nominated this time. Voting results of the contestants going viral on social media, Now we have to wait and see who leaves the house of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu this week.

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