Bengaluru records highest March temperature in over four years

Bengalureans have been feeling the heat, many complaining about the city’s usually salubrious climate giving way to unpleasant temperatures, and they seem to have a reason.

The city recorded the highest temperature in March in at least last four years on Wednesday with a maximum of 37.2 degree Celsius.

India Meteorological Department officials said the last time the same temperature was recorded was on March 26, 2017.

Officials also added that Wednesday’s record was 0.1 degree Celsius lesser than the all time record of 37.3 degree Celsius which was recorded on March 29, 1996.

The minimum temperature on Wednesday stood at 22.4 degree Celsius.

The mean maximum for March in Bengaluru is 33.1 degree Celsius, while the mean minimum is 20 degree Celsius.

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