Armed forces should be at forefront of combating bioterrorism: Rajnath Singh

Pakistan skips Shanghai Cooperation Organisation’s military medicine conference

Bioterrorism is a real threat in today’s time and the armed forces medical services should be at the forefront of combating the menace, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said on September 12.

Speaking at the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation’s (SCO’s) first military medicine conference, Mr. Singh said bioterrorism breaks out as a “contagious plague“.

“The armed forces and its medical services have to be at the forefront of combating this menace,” Mr. Singh said.

This is the first military cooperation event hosted by India after becoming a full-time member of the SCO.

India and Pakistan became members of the SCO in June 2017.

Pakistan skips conference

Meanwhile, Pakistan skipped the two-day SCO military medicine conference organised by India in New Delhi.

The conference is being attended by 27 international and 40 Indian delegates.

At the conference, the inaugural session of which was addressed by Mr. Singh, the seat allotted to Pakistan was vacant.

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