AP’s claims on water diversion illogical: TS

ENC writes to KRMB, saying telemetry is not needed at small diversion points

Telangana Government has described as “baseless, needless and to be ignored being incorrect and illogical” the claims of Andhra Pradesh over sharing of Krishna water in lieu of Godavari water being diverted to the Krishna Basin along with installation of telemetry system at all such points of diversion by the neighbouring state.

In a letter addressed to Chairman of the Krishna River Management Board (KRMB) M.P. Singh, Engineer-in-Chief (Irrigation-General) of Telangana C. Muralidhar said on Tuesday that AP could not demand installation of telemetry at the locations of small diversions of Godavari to Krishna Basin to meet the needs of uncovered areas as it does not come under claiming additional share as per KWDT-I and GWDT awards.

Instead, the diversions being made by Andhra Pradesh from Godavari to Krishna Basin would attract the provisions of August 1978 agreement and the water saved in Krishna due to such diversion would have to be “utilised upstream of Nagarjunasagar project within the Krishna Basin”, the ENC pointed out in the letter written to KRMB in response to a letter addressed to Telangana by KRMB on July 27 and a letter written to KRMB by AP on July 15.

Stating that the detailed reply was for appreciation of the facts of the issue, Mr. Muralidhar mentioned that all the schemes mentioned by AP in its letter were contemplated by the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh Government in Telangana region to divert Godavari water to Krishna basin. “Actually, the areas covered with such diversion would have been provided with irrigation facility from Krishna water through Srisailam Left Canal scheme proposed with 150 tmc ft utilisation till Munneru valley by gravity, proposed before KWDT-I,” he explained.

Further, the 1954 project report of Nandikonda (Nagarjunasagar) contemplated irrigation of one lakh acres through a lift scheme from NS Left Canal.

However, it was not taken up by the combined AP government and deliberately ignored the scheme and preferred water to areas outside the basin before KWDT-I with an aim to divert Krishna water to the outside-basin areas neglecting the needs within the basin in Telangana region.

On the other hand, Sriramsagar project was unable to provide water to its intended ayacut up to stage-one due to insufficient inflow. As a result, against the envisaged utilisation of 145.35 tmc ft in stage-one and 22.9 tmc ft in stage-two average realisation was only 54 tmc ft. The statistics placed by AP based on National Water Development Agency reports in the present context were arbitrary and incorrect.

The ENC stated that Telangana had an ayacut of 25 lakh acres in the upstream of Nagarjunasagar project within the Krishna basin and was starving for assured water for decades for its highly drought-prone and fluoride-hit areas.

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