AP Assembly Session: Janasena’s Emotional Debut

It’s quite an emotional time for Janasena party and its supporters, as the results not only got toppled but also gave them some heart-wrenching twists. June 12th marks the start of Andhra Pradesh assembly’s monsoon session, which will continue for a week. And for the first time, Janasena is also entering into the assembly now.

Though many thought that even if none from the Janasena Party wins, Pawan Kalyan will be a lone ranger and will enter the assembly to voice out his opinions and rhetoric. Quite shockingly, Pawan lost at both the places he contested and his MLA candidate from Razole, Rapaka Varaprasad is the only winner in the 175 seats Janasena contested. While it is a happy thing for Janasena to see at least one MLA from their party entering assembly after their first ever poll debut, its an emotional feeling for fans that the one person is not Pawan Kalyan.

On the other hand, Janasena has failed to at least wish Rapaka on his oath-taking as MLA and they haven’t even announced that Rapaka will be fighting for the people in assembly on behalf of their party.

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