Ammapet residents stage protestdemanding better water supply

Corporation accused of removing public taps from the area

Residents of Ammapet and nearby areas staged a protest in front of the Salem Corporation’s Zonal office in Ammapet on Monday demanding regular water supply.

Hundreds of residents from Ramanathapuram, Namamalai and Pudupettai in Ward 37 here protested with empty plastic pots and laid siege to the civic body office demanding steps to ensure regular water supply to their area.

One of the protesters said that the water supply has been erratic for the past three to four months. The quantum of water supplied has been reduced due to the faulty electric pump. Another resident accused the Corporation of removing public taps from the area.

Corporation Commissioner R.Sadheesh said that the electric pump in the area was in use round the clock and its efficiency had reduced over the years. Order has been placed for a new pump and it would be installed immediately, he said.

Public taps

Mr. Sadheesh said that at a time when water needs to be used cautiously, public taps were not used responsibly.

“We have noticed instances of public taps being used to bathe animals and other purposes. People do not even bother to close the taps when their pots gets filled. Hence, we have advised the residents in the area to go for individual connections so that it would be handled with a sense of responsibility. We have advised households to form a group and take connections. Special awareness camps would also be conducted on this regard. It would also ensure judicious use of water,” he said.

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