Aerial platform for fire-fighting inducted at BPCL

Kerala’s first aerial hydraulic platform for fire-fighting and rescue at very high elevation has been inducted into BPCL Kochi Refinery’s fire and rescue fleet.

The new equipment, costing about ₹8 crore, has various uses especially in fire-fighting and rescue operations at elevated locations such as process columns, vessels, heaters, high rise buildings and structures in the refinery. The equipment was built by Bronto Skylift, Finland, a global supplier of truck-mounted aerial platforms, said a press release.

The working platform can carry up to five persons and can reach a height of 44 metres for rescue operations and fire-fighting. It has a spiral rescue chute for evacuating people trapped at high elevations. The safety features include sensors and interlocks which ensure 100 per cent safe operation at all times. The high pressure fire-fighting system can generate 4,800 litres per minute of fire-fighting foam for tackling oil tank fires and other fires involving flammable liquids.

This facility would further enhance the safety preparedness of Kochi Refinery which was progressively upgrading its safety infrastructure, officials said.

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