Advisers have become dominant and Ministers voiceless: Manohar

‘Such a trend smacks of corporate governance’

Jana Sena Party (JSP) political affairs committee chairman Nadendla Manohar on Friday said that the dominance of advisers to the State government in governance was against the constitutional spirit.

Addressing the media here, Mr. Manohar said, “The advisers are dictating the terms in every aspect of the administration. The Cabinet Ministers are voiceless. Such a trend promotes corporate governance and not people’s governance.”

On the Polavaram irrigation project, Mr. Manohar said that the YSRCP government lacked humanity to settle the Relief and Rehabilitation (R&R) package for more than one lakh families that would be displaced by the project.

“R&R of the displaced families, mostly forest dwellers, is a humanitarian gesture that is nowhere visible under the YSRCP dispensation,” he said.

‘Development ignored’

Referring to the State’s finances, Mr. Manohar observed that the spendings of the government was not on creating infrastructure and employment opportunities. Development was being ignored, he added.

“The State is spending ₹835 crore a day. Where is all this money going remains a puzzle. The spending is under the Centre’s scrutiny,” Mr. Manohar siad.

He said the JSP would intensify its field level activities once the COVID-19 situation subsided.

Party East Godavari district president Kandula Durgesh was present.

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