AAP attacks BJP over landfills causing ‘₹450-crore damage’ to environment

‘Completed 2.5K mohalla sabhas to expose BJP’s corruption’

The Aam Aadmi Party on Saturday attacked the BJP over the landfills in the city.

Citing an IIT report, AAP said the landfills in Delhi are causing a loss of ₹450 crore to the environment.

The party also said they have completed 2,500 mohalla sabhas across the city to expose BJP’s alleged corruption in the municipal corporations.

“A report made by the National Environment Tribunal, Central Pollution Board and IIT-Delhi have conducted a collective scientific analysis. In the report, they have found out that these three garbage mountains have cost a loss of ₹450 crores to the environment of Delhi. If you study the report in detail, they have said that the garbage mountains have ruined the underground water reserve up to 10-15 kms around those mountains,” said AAP leader Durgesh Pathak at a press meet.

He claimed that in the last 15 years, the biggest achievement of the BJP-ruled civic bodies has been building three garbage mountains in Bhalswa, Okhla and Ghazipur. “You will find around 90 lakh metric tonnes of garbage, if you visit the Bhalswa landfill. There are 50 lakh metric tonnes of garbage in Okhla landfill, and 140 lakh metric tonnes garbage in Ghazipur landfill. The way BJP is cleaning these landfills, it will take 200 years for them to complete the task,” Mr. Pathak said.

About the mohalla sabhas, the AAP leader said, “We had launched a campaign across Delhi 15 days back, under which our aim was to organise 2,500 mohalla sabhas across Delhi. Yesterday we completed 2,500 mohalla sabhas under our campaign. We noticed a great enthusiasm among the people for AAP.”

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