A zipline ride for ₹50 at Kollegal

The Forest Department is bidding on a 216-metre zip ride for ₹50 to let the public experience an adrenaline rush.

̥Inaugurated and in operation since the last few days at Kollegal in Chamarajanagar district, the low fare has made this affordable and is gaining in popularity.

It is located between two hillocks at Sri Mahadeshwara Maradigudda Tree Park.

Deputy Conservator of Forests V. Yedukondalu said the installation cost was ₹20 lakh, but it is state-of-the-art in terms of safety and quality.

“There are other ziplines too but they are not truly professional in terms of length of the ride and quality adherence to safety,” said Mr. Yedukondalu.

Consequent to its operation, there has been a steady stream of visitors for the service.

The Forest Department also provides Go-Pro camera facility for visitors to take selfies and record their ride.

“We have used the natural terrain and the gradient to create the zipline and three of our staff have been trained to operate and maintain it,” said Mr. Yedukondalu.

The park is spread over 25 acres and has nearly 300 species of trees and is akin to a forest. Many visitors from the surrounding areas come to the tree park but the zipline is turning out to be the new draw.

Once hoisted and tethered to the overhead cable, the rider gets an aerial view of the woods below, said Mr. Yedukondalu.

“The tree park is replete with trees and the signages sheds line on different species. The zipline will ensure repeat visits and help people imbibe the values of conservatiion,” Mr. Yedukondalu added.

The zipline is becoming popular due to word-of-mouth publicity and people heading towards MM Hills temple and BRT Sanctuary are trying out the zipride.

In view of its affordability, the department is calling it the people’s zipline.

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