A vote for peace and cohesion, says Nitish

Bihar CM says verdict reflects people’s desire for peace, cohesion in society

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Thursday congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the people of Bihar for the massive win of the NDA.

He also said that with the verdict, the people of the State had thrust a “bigger responsibility” on the alliance partners to work more.

“I congratulate the Prime Minister and people of Bihar for the massive of NDA win…with their verdict people of Bihar have shown what their sentiment was,” Mr. Kumar said, addressing journalists. “They [State’s voters] want peace and cohesion in society,” he said, adding that “the verdict is validation of our work which we’ve been doing since long in the State.”

Asked if his party would join a new cabinet at the Centre, Mr. Kumar said, “nothing special in it… we’ll work together”.

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