A Swan Car from Sudhakar

Hyderabadi car designer comes out with another crazy creation

One of the master craftsmen of Hyderabad is recreating and taking his funky car creations to Lonavala in Maharashtra. Sudhakar Yadav, known for creating crazy mobility contraptions, said that his permanent exhibition will be inaugurated by the end of this year in Lonavala. “Lonavala is between Mumbai and Pune and has a number of schools around it. I am opening my second exhibition there to cater to demand,” said Mr. Yadav on Tuesday.

He drove around his newest creation, known as Swan Car, at his museum in Bahadurpura which houses about 210 among which are 55 crazy creations such as a teacup and saucer, football, stiletto, handbag etc.

The Swan Car is a replica of the one created in 1910 for a Scottish gentleman Robert Matthewson who used it in the then imperial capital of India in Calcutta. The car created such a racket and scare that the police banned it. The weird car was later acquired by the Maharaja of Nabha in Punjab before ending up in the Lawman Museum in the Netherlands where it is currently housed.

“This replica cost about ₹3 lakh and is built on a Isuzu 2000 CC petrol engine chassis. It took us nearly two years to mould it. Just the neck of the swan took us three months to create,” said Mr. Yadav.

“My goal is to create 100 crazy cars. Currently our team is working on a necklace car, a car designed like a western bridal outfit and another like an Indian bridal dress. These designs occupy my mind all the time,” said Mr. Yadav who owns an 80-year-old heirloom printing press and spends his spare time tinkering with designs and cars.

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