‘900 potholes yet to be filled’

BBMP Commissioner confident of meeting November 10 deadline

BBMP Commissioner B.H. Anil Kumar is confident that all the potholes in the city will be filled by the November 10 deadline.

Speaking to reporters on Friday, he said that civic officials were working round-the-clock to fill the craters that have sprung up in many thoroughfares. “I believe we will be able to fill all the identified potholes by November 10,” he said, and added that surprise inspections will be conducted from November 11 onwards.

He claimed that around 900-odd potholes remain, and these would be filled before the deadline.

According to information provided by the BBMP recently, between October 21 and 31, the civic body had identified a total of 6,520 potholes in the city. As on November 2, a total of 2,871 potholes had been filled.

On a recent pothole inspection at night, Mr. Anil Kumar and Mayor M. Goutham Kumar saw that some stretches are still in a state of disrepair.

Mr. Anil Kumar said, “We immediately initiated disciplinary action against the officials concerned.” This was followed by a call from an MLA, he added. “I explained to the MLA that despite instructions from the Mayor nearly one month ago, the official had failed to fill potholes. If action is not initiated against such officials, it will send a bad message,” he explained.

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