‘90-99% of Covid-19 is about protection and motivating others’: Harsh Vardhan

Union Minister Harsh Vardhan while addressing a FICCI Ladies Organization webinar on ‘The Shifting Healthcare Paradigm During and Post-Covid’ told the panel that he believes every single Indian has a role to play in the fight against coronavirus. “Everybody can contribute to the health scenario of the country”

The Union Minister said that “90-99% of Covid-19 is only about protection and motivating others. You can protect yourself from this deadly virus with small precautions like wearing a good quality mask properly, maintaining social distance, respiratory etiquette, and taking care of hand-hygiene”

“Only 10% is therapeutic” he added

While lauding the country’s efforts at tackling the coronavirus pandemic, which he said started on 8th of january, and is now in the 11th month he said that the “government has acted in a proactive manner, with a pre-emptive strategy and a graded response”

Vardhan termed the country and the government’s efforts to tackle the ongoing menace as bold. Adding that whatever steps were needed at every critical juncture was taken fearlessly by the government. “We surveilled lakhs of people at airports, sea ports, and land borders.”

Calling the junta curfew an “unique innovative experiment with voluntary participation of everyone in the country” he stated that both lockdowns and unlock both were equally bold decisions handled by the government.

Talking about the contribution of the Indian scientific community Vradhan said “The scientific community also rose to the occasion. The scientists produced new types of ventilators. Initially we had problems with PPEs, N95 masks, and within a few months we were able to export them”

“I confidently tell people that a couple of months from now we will be able to deliver the vaccination to the people of India” he added.

Vardhan mentioned that the swabs of coronavirus tests used to earlier go to America’s Center for Disease Control and Pollution(CDC) because India had only one lab testing facility in pune, but as of 8 in the morning India has established 2116 labs established in every nook and corner of the country.

Vardhan stated that all these just goes on to prove that when India decides to do something it can do it.

India’s coronavirus caseload has risen to 89.58 lakh with fresh 45,576 infections, while the number of recoveries has surged to over 83.83 lakh pushing the national recovery rate to 93.58 per cent, according health ministry data.

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