8 out of 10 employers hiring now: CareerNet

Some 8 out of 10 employers were actively hiring now and hiring numbers in sectors such as banking, e-commerce, IT/ITeS, insurance, and financial services could be higher compared with other sectors, according to CareerNet, a talent-solutions provider.

Some 61% of large enterprises anticipate filling up more than 500 positions, 45% of mid-sized companies expect to fill up between 100 and 500 positions, and 61% of small businesses are forecast to fill up less than 50 positions in 2021, as per a CareerNet study.

Among cities, Hyderabad topped the list of employment, with 100% of respondents saying that they were actively hiring while it was 80% in Bengaluru.

While 43% of small companies (up to 500 employees) were not planning to hire from campuses this year, 59% of mid-sized companies (501-5,000 employees) and 64% of the large enterprises (5,001-plus employees) were planning to recruit campus talent, found the study conducted across 80 HR leaders and over 1,600 employees from various enterprises.

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