70 year old father-in-law marries 28 year old daughter-in-law

A 70-year-old man has married his 28-year-old daughter-in-law in Gorakhpur. Marriage with daughter-in-law has become a topic of discussion at this stage of age. 

Both of them got married in a local temple, by putting a garland around each other’s neck and considering God as a witness. Accepting the daughter-in-law as his wife, the father-in-law also filled vermilion in her head. The photograph of this marriage is going viral on social media. After this, various discussions are happening regarding the relationship between father-in-law and daughter-in-law. The person who got married is the watchman of Barhalganj police station. He took seven rounds with his daughter-in-law and made her his wife.

Kailash Yadav, a resident of Chhapia Umrao village, who works as a chowkidar at the Barhalganj police station, lost his wife twelve years ago and his 3rd son also died sometime later.

Kailash Yadav got his widowed daughter-in-law, Pooja, married again but the wedlock did not last, after which she returned home and  she started living in her husband’s home.

Kailash, without informing anyone in the village, quietly married daughter-in-law Pooja and it was only after the photograph went viral that people came to know about this marriage.  The police said that no complaint has been filed regarding this marriage.


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