50 canines to graduate from Intelligence Training Academy today

Animals and their handlers complete eight months training

After a rigorous training of eight months in crime prevention and detection by the personnel of Intelligence Security Wing, as many as 50 canines of five different breed would graduate from the Integrated Intelligence Training Academy (IITA) in Moinabad on Tuesday.

The 20th batch of Basic Induction Course for Canines and Canine Handlers began on June 15, last. Director General of Police M Mahender Reddy would be the chief guest of the Dikshant Parade.

Officials said that the training was imparted to 50-canines of five different breeds, including Labrador, German-Shepard, Belgian-Malinois, Golden-Retriever and Cocker-Spaniel, in explosive sniffing , narcotics and tracking, along with 80-canine handlers and spare handlers. The trainees are from Telangana and Bihar States.

The canine and canine handlers basic training course includes two months of love and affection, two months of basic obedience and and four months of specialised category training in explosives, narcotics, and liquor sniffing, tracking, assault and guarding.

The performance of the canines and the canine handlers is evaluated through tests on a monthly basis, whereas agility tests of the canines are conducted on a daily basis. If any canine shows any mediocre performance, extra care is taken by the instructors to improve their performance.

Mock drills were conducted to have a real time experience for the canines in sniffing activities like explosive, liquor and narcotic detection in public places, including bus stations, railway stations and airports.

According to officials, a mid-term test and a final test were conducted in explosives and narcotics sniffing and tracking, for the canines, while written and oral test was conducted for the canine handler by a visiting faculty of other training centres. This year P.K.Chug, Consulting Director of Police K-9 Cell PM Division in Ministry of Home Affairs, was the examiner for the final test.

Since 2004, as many as 669-canines and 965-handlers and spare-handlers have been trained in by the Integrated Intelligence Training Academy and those canines are being used widely to attend to anti-sabotage checks in connection with VIP/VVIPs visits, attending bomb threat calls and in crime investigation duties.

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