30 participate in Thane wheelchair marathon

Sunday saw Thane’s first-ever wheelchair marathon, where 30 participants inspired the spectators as they raced towards the finish line. This was part of the sixth edition of the Sheth Half Marathon, where over 2,000 participants ran from Viviana Mall to Sheth Avalon.

The 2-km wheelchair race category winners were Subhanshu Patel, Hadis Sheikh and Nisha Gupta. The marathon had a 10-km run for both men and women, where Kunal Kelusker stood first in the men’s section and Manasi Samudra won first place in the women’s section.

The men’s half marathon was won by Rakesh Patel, who finished in 01:27:08 and Sayuri Dalvi stood first in the women’s category by crossing the finish line in 01:53:05. As the participants crossed the finish line, they were offered free foot massages by 10 visually-impaired therapists from Kanchan Kaya.

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