24-year-old sets fire to his bike after argument with traffic police

The incident occurred at V.V. Puram junction

A 24-year-old marketing executive set fire to his motorcycle at V.V. Puram junction on Wednesday after an argument with the traffic police who had seized the vehicle.

Based on a complaint filed by Assistant Sub-Inspector Barkath Ali Khan, the V.V. Puram police have registered a case against Punith Kumar, charging him under Section 353 (assault or criminal force to deter public servant from discharge of duty) of the Indian Penal Code.

According to Khan, Punith is a resident of J.J. Nagar. He was caught by the traffic police near Jain College junction for not wearing a helmet. His friend, who was riding pillion, was also not wearing a helmet.

The traffic police later found that Punith had a long-pending list of violations and decided to seize the vehicle as he refused to pay the pending dues.

“The traffic police informed that he would get his vehicle back only after he paid the fines. Mr. Khan started towing the two-wheeler while Punith kept protesting. He then pulled the petrol pipe and set fire to the bike with a lighter shouting that he would teach the police a lesson. The two-wheeler caught fire, but the police were able to move it to the side before it went up in flames to prevent damage to others bikes,” said a police officer.

With the help of passers-by, the police were able to douse the flames, but the bike was gutted.

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