125 kg of ganja seized

An Excise team seized 125 kg of ganja valued at over ₹50 lakh from an unused room near a swine farm at Pandarakundu near

Thrithala in the district on Tuesday.

The seizure was made following a tip-off received by the State Excise Enforcement Squad.

Ameer Abbas, 39, son of Thacharamkunnu Moideen, was arrested in connection with stocking the ganja. He was reportedly wanted in connection with some other narcotic cases.

Excise Circle Inspectors T. Anil Kumar and G. Krishnakumar, Inspectors T.R. Mukesh Kumar and S. Madhusoodhan Nair, Preventive Officer Mustafa Cholayil, Civil Excise Officers P. Subin, S. Shamnad, R. Rajesh, K. Mohammedali, N.L. Akhil and Rajit R. Nair were among the team that made the seizure.

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