No shortage of vaccines, have sufficient stock: Immunisation officer

In an interview with The Indian Express, Dr Patil said each district has sufficient stock and “we will get additional doses on Friday”.

There is no shortage of Covid-19 vaccines in the state as of now, State Immunisation Officer Dr D N Patil has said. “Vaccine doses are available according to the planned sessions and we have sufficient stock. I can’t say today that it will last for a month but this is an ongoing process and the stock gets replenished,” Dr Patil said, adding that Maharashtra has asked for another 12 lakh doses.

In an interview with The Indian Express, Dr Patil said each district has sufficient stock and “we will get additional doses on Friday”.

“There has been an eight-fold jump in the number of vaccination sessions, from 285 to 2,452, till Wednesday,” he said.
“We have received as many as 40 lakh vaccine doses, of which more than 20 lakh have been distributed to vaccination centres across the state. We have vaccinated more than 21 lakh people in the state. but if someone asks me for 10,000 doses at one time, I definitely can’t allocate that,” he said.

“The process is important and can’t be compromised just because we want to increase the number of people who have to be vaccinated,” said Dr Patil, stressing that the programme was running smoothly.

However, in the past few days, some private hospitals and primary health centres in Pune district had reported that they did not have enough vaccine doses.

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At Symbiosis Hospital, CEO Dr Vijay Natarajan said they had made the payment for 1,000 vaccine doses but the supply was not adequate. “On Thursday morning, we received 20 vials (100 doses) from a primary health centre. Now, with a constant call for vaccines and walk-in registrations, there is definitely a demand for more doses,” Dr Natarajan told The Indian Express.

Pune district health officials also said they were getting calls from hospitals and even primary health centres for more doses. “We are trying to reshuffle some of the stock,” said an official.

Meanwhile, at a video-conference of health officials by state Director of Health Dr Archana Patil, instructions were issued about systematic distribution of doses. Health officials were told to assess the performance of each Covid vaccination centre to ensure accountability. “No centre should reserve the vaccine doses,” the officials were told.

In Pune district, more than 2 lakh people have been vaccinated and session sites have started at primary health centres. While officials admitted that they had exhausted their vaccine doses, the stock is likely to be replenished on Friday.
“We are checking the stock availability at centres, and if those which have excess will redirect to the ones where there is a greater demand,” said a district health official.

Meanwhile, In just 10 days, nearly 43,000 people above 60 years of age have got the first dose of Covid-19 vaccine in areas under the Pune Municipal Corporation. This priority group has the highest numbers as against a total of 37,261 healthcare workers, who have received the first vaccine shot ever since the vaccination programme began on January 16. A total of 7,940 healthcare workers have got the second dose so far in Pune city.

Dr Sanjay Patil, chairman of the Hospital Board of India, Pune chapter, told The Indian Express that time and again they had alerted the PMC authorities about the low number of healthcare workers who have been vaccinated.

“The PMC had started collecting data on healthcare workers in October last year. Initially we had to submit data directly to PMC and later they asked us to send details to concerned ward offices. Some ward offices developed their own Google forms to record the data in their areas, but it was circulated everywhere and led to mismatch of names of doctors and other details,” Dr Patil said.

Dr Mangesh Khatavkar, president of Sinhagad Road Medical Doctors Association, said at least 200 doctors from Narhe, Ambegaon, Dhairi, Khadakwasla and Panshet have not been registered and now their names will have to be re-registered.

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